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Travel in avalanche terrain is dangerous, really dangerous, and we can not be liable for anything that happens out there to you. While we hope the information we provide is helpful to you, please keep in mind there are errors and inaccuracies. These maps are only a rough approximation, and you should consider many other data sources before you travel in avalanche terrain. Beyond the many errors in the data it is also only accurate to approximately 30ft square, and you will need finer measurement to understand the avalanche risk in the terrain. This is not a replacement for good avalanche training and field observations. Bottom line, do not bet your life on this data, it's not good enough, nothing you read here or on the web can replace good field observations and avalanche training. And even with all the information at hand and the best decision making, there are always risks, the mountains are inherently unpredictable, and accidents happen.

Be safe out there. Cheers!